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posted on January 29 2020

An exclusive gathering held at The Hotel Esplanade St Kilda for our #nevenkawomen and friends to welcome in the new decade, lunar new year and new beginnings. We dedicated the evening to all the volunteers, fire fighters and animals that have been affected by the Australian bush fires. We raised five thousand dollars with a silent auction to assist, protect, rescue, and fund the Wires Wildlife Rescue and Wildlife Victoria organisations. A special thank you to our partners Eleven Australia and Worksense for their generosity.


On the night we asked our #nevenkawomen to tell us why they love nevenka
and here are their stories, enjoy reading. 

I love nevenka because the fabrics tell a story and the clothes move. nevenka is simultaneously whimsical and wearable. Each garment has intentions and you can feel that in the fabric. I never feel like I am dressing up for someone else or stepping into someone else's vision of me. I feel very much myself in the clothes but each garment also reveals something about me that's a little gypsy, a little wild, a little determined and bold. It's not a cardboard cut-out of femininity - it's the real, whole hearted, hot blooded feeling of being a woman.”

“Because she is out of the box and Rosemary is the best designer ever. It allows me to feel creative and express myself. Wearing a nevenka dress is like wearing art” 


I love Rosemary. She's a genius. Her pieces move me. They make me feel beautiful.”

I love nevenka because of the unique designs, quality fabrics, personable service and unwavering connection between the talented designer and her amazing employees, clients and most importantly the attention to sustainability. I truly adore my nevenka pieces and consider them among my dearest possessions.”

I love nevenka because you're incapable of being generic. Your sense of femininity and understanding of the female from validates women everywhere. The flow and sensuality of your dresses brings to mind a lovely dream that you never want to wake from. Timeless”

Feminine. Artisan. Heritage”

Style, quality, one-off pieces, gorgeous designer, easily put pieces together and takes your look to the next level 

“I love nevenka because it is, really more than just clothes (though the clothes are truly fabulous, let's be honest). With every nevenka piece, I feel like I am part of a women-led community that believes in ethical, sustainable and handmade luxury that, while often crafted from European textiles, is uniquely Australian.

We love nevenka because 
she is gentle
she is strong but most of all she is kind - she steps lightly on the earth and gives more than she takes. She makes the world more beautiful and brings happiness wherever she goes. Her care and love go far beyond with every gown an heirloom”

I love nevenka for it's creativity, commitment to AU (design, manufacturing and environment) and people”

 Each piece has a soul and when I wear nevenka, I am reminded to keep in touch with the goddess within me.”

I love nevenka for so many reasons. It would be easy to just say it's because nevenka creations are a living embodiment of the many realms of femininity and wearing nevenka makes me feel so beautiful inside and out. But I also feel the energy of Rosemary herself, the purity and passion from where the designs within come from within her and from the universe through her and really she is without doubt one of the greatest designers of our time. Her best design are ahead of her, the world needs her art”



venue. the hotel esplanade st kilda
partners. worksense & eleven australia 

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