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career Q&A with #nevenkawomen | series 1

posted on November 21 2018

Tell us a little bit about your job.

I’m a partner in a large commercial law firm. 

Describe your work environment (ie. Desk, studio, office)
It’s fair to say my desk is somewhat chaotic! I find an overly clear desk oppressive.

What would you wear on a date? 
Something interesting and feminine, but with a little bit of je ne sais quois to keep the imagination active.

What would you wear on an important day at work?
Something tailored and a little stronger than usual, but still comfortable and feminine. I don’t believe in the conventional “power suit” – dressing like a man is not going to make me a man, so why not appreciate and celebrate what we are.
What are your favourite nevenka pieces at the moment?
The “my island home” wrap blouse in ochre is my current go-to when I don’t know what to wear – it’s perfect for work with a tailored pants, or for the weekend with jeans. I can’t wait to wear my new “where you come from” dress in blue cotton, embroidery anglaise and silk/cotton. But I have to say my brocade one off trench coat from the last winter season is my most treasured piece – it truly is a work of art. 

What does it mean for you to be a nevenka woman? 
I feel like I am part of a “fashion family” of strong, like-minded women (and men) who have a shared love of craftsmanship, travel and style. 

What do you love about nevenka?
The feeling that you are buying more than just clothes, but interesting, hand-crafted pieces with a story and which are often one of a kind. The quality of the garments together with the personal service is a special combination.

What is the last photo you have taken?  
My almost four year old daughter Sophie, waiting for her ballet lesson to start. I take so many photos of her, but never feel like I take enough – she grows up so quickly.
What’s your favourite travel destination and why?
Paris – for the obvious reason that it is the pinnacle of all of my favourite things, being fashion, food, culture, history and art. That said, a recent holiday to Sri Lanka was one of the most memorable – it’s a place of incredible physical beauty, the warmest people, a unique culture and history, and delicious food!

Best advice you were given?
The power is in your hands – if you want something, go and get it, and never rely on anyone else to recognize your worth to give it to you.

photography by our designer rosemary masic & scott hall

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