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product care

how we care for our nevenka friends

each unique nevenka piece is individually hand cut and crafted using the highest quality of natural textiles sourced globally.

they are easy to care for if you follow our instructions. as you will discover, your nevenka piece will soften over time with wear and gentle washing.

she will mould to her wearer like second skin and feel just the same. 

our signature disheveled raw edges will continue to develop over time, an eclectic detail that makes your nevenka friend uniquely your own. 

washing cotton 
most of us will hand wash our nevenka friends in lukewarm water or else place them in a garment wash bag in a gentle cycle or on the silk wool hand wash cycle in a front loader washing machine. 

washing wool 
most of us will hand wash our nevenka wool coats in cold water or else place them in a garment wash bag on the silk wool hand wash cycle in a front loader wash machine. we recommend not to wash them regularly as they do not need to be over cared for. they mature with age.

to enhance her bohemian sensibility we suggest hanging your nevenka pieces to drip-dry in the shade and giving her a light steam with a quality steamer that allows the organic character of the fabric to remain intact. we do not iron our nevenka pieces but it is up to you if you wish to have a pressed look for your garment. our jackets will require a professional steam and iron to keep the tailoring shape. please iron on the reverse side with a cloth to avoid sheen and over pressing.

do not tumble-dry your pieces as this will tear the hand crafted lace, shrink the cotton and hurt our silks. wash your nevenka pieces like you would wash yourself and your hair. be kind and gentle with yourself and your pieces.
they will reward you with longevity. 

all our pieces are dry cleanable – if you wish to have someone else do this for you please use a dry cleaner that is experienced in cleaning for high quality lace and silks.

the nature of intricate lace means that you may find small threads appearing over time, we recommend weaving them back into the lace rather than trimming them so as not to compromise the integrity of the lace and unraveling and ensures she is an heirloom.

fold open weave lace pieces flat in a drawer or shelf. do not hang any loose lace pieces as they will stretch over time. please keep all your friends hung or folded away from any direct sunlight as the sun will fade colour and discolour white pieces. if this happens to your white friends please use an environmentally friendly whitening detergent.

we offer a repair and alteration service for your nevenka pieces should they need our professional care and attention. get in touch with us so that we can assess each piece for quotation.

cleaning products 
sustainability is at the forefront of our ethos, and we highly recommend using
an environmentally friendly detergent for delicates when washing your pieces.

we use 
Ecostore ‘wool & delicates’ laundry liquid detergent

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