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fw19 rose noir campaign

posted on April 17 2019



we return to paris
the city that holds sentimental value for
our designer, rosemary masic 

our rose noir campaign was shot 
on location with specific destinations in mind
chez georges depuis 1964 restaurant, rosemary's favourite dining venue 
le moulin de la vierge victoires, rosemary's favourite patisserie. not only because of the baking, but also the maqnifique 1356 interior. the mille feuille is just like how rosemary's mum use to bake it. 
bistrot victoires, serves great pub food, vino and 1802 facade is worthy of a mention
statue de louis VIX, the longest-reigning monarch of all time
jardin du palais royal, for the natural colour palette
fountaine de theatre francais, & place mireille
for their intricacies and attention to detail and hand craft
featuring Annely Bouma
art direction Rosemary Masic
photography Claire Rothstein

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