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posted on July 31 2019

our collection

i went home for this collection
croatia, bosnia, hungary
back to a world of folklore tradition
a time when energy, movement & connection were the key to life
the heart of this collection is inspired by the circle dance
kolo. the oldest form of croatian folk dance
the women and their intricate colourful costumes
kolo is an expression of community when words fail to tell their story

the women wearing long white embroidered dresses with very
heavy aprons tied at the waist. peplums. full circle materials dance with life.
pure white textured pleated skirts, blouses and underskirts create mystery.
the embroidery is very intricate.
hand made and in the colours of red, white and blue. 
there are clouds in the sky.
their bare feet touch the ground. present in nature.
heavily embellished jackets and vests act like coat of arms.
intricate patterns and cut lace work aprons and scarfs decorate waists and beautiful faces.

i hope you enjoy this collection as much as i loved creating her
she has become one of my favourites

our team 

i wanted to work with 
creatives that connected deeply with my heritage
photographer suzy holtgrave from croatia, pula living in berlin
make up artist 
snesha bloom from croatia living in zurich
and long collaborator james nicholson the hair creative director of kevin murphy
who now resides in london 

our location 

senlis, 56 km north from paris
a medieval town nestled in the heart of
one the largest forest in france

the property is owned by a friend who restored the original 
house and farm 10 years ago
it is the sanctuary for a hundred ex polo horses
who are loved and cared for by the four families
that reside on the property
on the day of our shoot there were clouds forming wonder shapes in the sky 
all you could hear were the birds singing 
the horses came out to play with us 
and the sun eventually appeared as the music started playing
in the annual town festival 
it was the perfect location to transport us back to a time 
where village life. connection. community. love for spirit animals.
heritage. love. family. costumes were most important.  







coat of arms jacket — perform this dance skirt


the dancers peplum in lace

the folklore dress the wheel blouse


the circle dance dresspeace blouse



loyalty halter dress embroidery — balkan symphony short jacket


the thread dress the kolo frill

the thread dress


the performers dress


honestly sleeveless trench coat — the meaning top

coat of arms jacket — perform this dance skirt

the circle dance dress — peace blouse

in the finale dress

honestly sleeveless trench coat

coat of arms jacket — perform this dance skirt

point of pride apron dress

photographer suzy holtgrave
art direction rosemary masic
hair james nicholson using kevin murphy
mua snesha bloom
featuring amelia kearney
location senlis, france.





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